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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.0.31 - the Saga Continues...
    > Ok,
    > I just made available what I hope to be the final pre-patch for 2.0.31.
    > It contains the simple fixes for #5, and also contains updates to the ncr
    > SCSI driver.
    > Could people please test it out, and only comment on real show-stoppers.
    > As of #6 I'm going to ignore the small stuff. I want to get 31 out the
    > door, and if it means that we'll end up with a 32 too, that's ok. The plan
    > is to make 2.0.31 this weekend, so you have been warned..
    > Linus
    I didn't see any changes to the 3c509 driver since the upgrade in pre#5,
    did I miss something?

    If it is the same, then I may have a show stopper. Just moved a machine I
    had been prepping to come online to the live network (it isn't getting
    traffic to it, just sitting on thee ether) from my test net.

    after a brief time (anywhere from a few hours to one minute) it gets
    infinite loop in interupt messages and doesn't see the net anymore...
    sometimes ifdown, and theen back up will reset it, sometimes a cold
    boot is required...
    (from memory, I can get the logs tomorrow)

    pre-5 plus the cyrix patch
    rough machine specs:
    Tyan TX chipset board
    Cyrix P166+
    64MB ram
    2044U DPT SCSI
    Quabtum 2.1GB Ultra HD
    3c509B NIC set to coax (PNP disabled of course)

    Please let me know what info, if any, is desired

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Why was I using a pre kernel for a production machine? wanted something
    semi-official and I needed the EATA 3.1 driver to get my 2044U DPT card
    stable -- oh well, worse case, it'll be 2.0.29 plus a few patches...

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