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SubjectRe: pre-5 Aiih!
On Fri, 15 Aug 1997, Doug Ledford wrote:
> As for the abort/reset fixes, I hadn't realized when I emailed you that it
> was being caused by the QUEUE_FULL handling (and really it shouldn't but
> that's another issue). In any case, I used to have a patch that implemented
> a different QUEUE_FULL handling mechanism that avoided this problem, but
> I've lost it so I'm going to have to re-write that patch. The abort/reset
> fixes I'm doing right now probably won't help you much. However, I will be
> mailing my first version for testing to the aic7xx mailing list sometime
> today (I'm getting ready to reboot and start testing right now).

You got me wrong! It did _not_ happed due to queue full - I reduced the
queue size. It happened with queue size of 31 while e2fsck'ing the
Micropolis and it was caused by timeouts.


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Difficult exists. Schwierig gibt's.

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