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SubjectRe: patch for fs/dcache race
Erik Andersen <> writes:
> Sounds like Linux just got undelete capabilities (independant of the
> filesystem even...) Very cool.
Hmm, OK, if you rewrite rm to do a system("/bin/sleep 3600 < /file/to/delete &")
then you can undelete all the files you obliterate for one full hour after you
accidentally delete them, simply because they're still open.

But that's not a good way to implement undelete. With a good undelete,
files stay around in a recoverable state until their space needs to be
reused, i.e. the disk is full or is getting too fragmented (THIS IS
IMPORTANT), or the inode table is full. Having rebooted the system is not
a good excuse for not being able to undelete files.

And yes, talk is cheap...

Matthias Urlichs
noris network GmbH

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