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    SubjectRe: bind sucks?

    "David S. Miller" writes:
    >In any event, I've put the humungo patch I sent to Linus, which he
    >didn't like, at:


    Indeed, comparing them, I see that the tcp_good_socknum() changes
    did not make it into Linus's tree. Nor did a few other changes
    in tcp.c. I'm not qualified to evaluate them... (I'm ignoring
    the SO_BINDTODEVICE on the assumption that Linus didn't want to
    add a new feature.)

    Other missing changes that I noticed that will effect our support
    department here at Red Hat are:
    o Changes to pci.h and pci.c that include new 53c8xx controllers
    and ET6000
    o The new 53c8xx driver from Gerard; we have quite a few customers
    who depend on the new 52c8xx driver.
    o The new advansys driver

    Also, the fs/dquot.c fix is missing, and some ncpfs fixes are missing.


    "Magazines all too frequently lead to books and should be regarded by the
    prudent as the heavy petting of literature." -- Fran Lebowitz

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