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SubjectRe: [patch] QNX-style scheduling v1.06
> I was going to wait for 2.0.31, but I thought "oh Hell", and I am
> releasing this now to see how it works for people. With any luck it'll
> patch cleanly against '31 when it is released.

It might be preferred to make this patch against 2.1.49 instead of 2.0.x since
I believe something like this will probably not be added into 2.0 and more
likely to be thrashed about in 2.1.x.

If it were against 2.1.x, I'd test it to death. ;-)
Or if it wasn't too much trouble, make two versions.

I haven't tried to apply it to 2.1.x yet, so I'm just making rash assumptions
that it wouldn't go in cleanly.

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