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SubjectRe: ext2_free_block already cleared for block xxxx
On Mon, 7 Jul 1997, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:

> I believe that most of these cases (where the kernel reports ext2
> problems, but rebooting fixings it and e2fsck doesn't detect any errors)
> are caused by hardware problems --- most likely bits getting flipped as
> they get transfered to memory, although possibly they could be a rare
> memory problem. I'd take a very careful look at the controllers and the
> disk cabling.

I'm not sure how much I believe in that theory. My news server (where I
see this the most) uses granite digital internal ribbon cables and active
termination on the drive ends of the cables. Next time I have the system
down, I'm going to pull the passive terminators from my NCR 810 cards and
put on external active terminators.

I've got other systems put together from crap hardware with too little RAM
(8 and 16mb systems that generally run 8-20mb into swap) that beat the
crap out of their old IDE disks, and never see disk related errors.

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