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Subjectaic7xxx driver.

This probably isn't the right place to report this, but I don't know
a better one. (Maybe someone could let me know)

I threw out my old 100MHz 6X86 and fitted a nice new 200MHz K6. On
booting linux I got a panic. Tried slowing the K6 down to 100 MHz and
the system ran fine.

Much experimentation and some corrupted filesystems later it seemed
that the aic7xxx driver was causing a problem which seemed to be
related to CPU speed - eg. with the motherboard clock set at 60 MHz
and the CPU internal at 150 MHz all was well, with the motherboard
at 60MHz and the CPU internal at 180MHz there were problems.

In the spirit of an experiment I changed all the outb() calls
to outb_p() and all the inb() to inb_p for the whole of aic7xxx.c.

Since then there have been no problems at all when running the CPU
at 210 MHz (417 BogoMIPS)

Obviously, the 'shotgun' approach of changing all i/o instructions
to slower ones is overkill, but I know nothing about the aic7xxx
driver. Maybe someone knows which parts of it are likely to be
sensitive to being pushed by a fast CPU and can refine this a bit.

Chris Butterworth

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