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SubjectRe: > 1GB RAM on x86 ?
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> In article <>,
> Alan Cox <> wrote:
> >
> >Get used to 1Gb or 2Gb PC's they will be the norm for top end P6 servers.
> >Im sure people will be happy to run NT on them if nothing else works. Folks
> >are already tweaking other Unix systems to support the full 36bits on
> >the P6 because there are needs for it.
> I wouldn't bet that NT supports 2GB of RAM - they used to have a 2G/2G
> user/kernel virtual memory split, but I'm told the new NT's do (or are
> expected to do) the same thing as Linux - 3G/1G.

NT4.0sp2 is still doing 2+2 for what I read about configuring
Oracle for NT, fun is that Win95 does 3+1 "as Linux" -- very
likely the *only* thing it does ;)

Reason seemed to be that Win95 kernels aren't expected to do
"so much" as NT ones.


--alessandro <> <>

Linux kernel-2.1.42 libc-5.4.23 gcc- binutils-

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