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    SubjectRe: PentiumII's.
    > How does it comapre to a PPRO 200? :)

    Unlike the PPRO it can't handle more than 512MB. Not that
    much of a problem as Linux-86 can only handle slightly less
    than 1GB according to a recent thread here. See
    <> if you understand
    German. The problem is the level 2 cache, which corrupts
    data for machines with more than 512MB. If you switch off
    the 2nd level cache it works, but is dog slow. Just switching
    off the 2nd level cache above 512MB doesn't work, as it then
    switches off the 1st level cache, too, for that area.

    It's pretty much impossible to find a 586 chipset that can
    cache more than 512MB (see another article in the paper
    version of the same magazine, c't 8/97), so if you need more
    you need either a PPro or a RISC processor.

    Erik Corry

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