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SubjectRe: [patch] ppp-2.2f/2.3.x, glibc 2, and Linux 2.x
"Albert D. Cahalan" <> wrote:
> What about joystick ioctl support, is that in glibc?

No idea.

> In the asm directory I see inline code of all types.
> While you may have some inline assembly, do you have it all?

The good bits, yes. With the exception of string, very
little else is applicable outside the kernel.

> Some applications must interface directly to the kernel.
> (arpd, kerneld, various network tools...)
> How can they work if header files are incompatible?

They supply their own. Witness modutils. There's really no other way
to live with multiple kernel trees, and the interface _cannot_ change
so quickly as to keep the kernel headers and the application headers
continually out of sync. Otherwise you break binaries right and left
and no one likes that either.

> This is crazy I think.

Straw men all. At issue is

(1) The desire to provide surgically clean namespaces for

(2) We don't want to worry about what kernel's headers are
installed so that things work properly.

(3) Linus doesn't want to be prevented from some particular
cleanup because of what it might do to libc.

(4) The desire to present a constant binary interface in the
face of a number of planned kernel changes.

We've been over and over this issue. Userland programs not
using kernel headers is the only sensible solution. This is
not just some bogus rule of thumb I came up with on the spur
of the moment.


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