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SubjectDual NIC problems withe 2.1.x kernels
With 2.0.29 the EtherPro 100 PCI cards show up as eth0 and eth1
on 2.1.33, 2.1.36, 2.1.42, 2.1.47 they either show up both on eth0 or
when lilo configured as for 2.0.29 they both show up on eth0 and eth1
in the 2.1.x case networking doesn't work but does with 2.0.29.
What is different between the 2.0.x and 2.1.x kernels that might
cause this.

This is on a Goliath Quad PPRO 200 MotherBrd with both nics on the same
PCI bus.

Any hints would be appreciated.

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