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SubjectRe: Reserved PID's
>> If you have problems with inetd spawning too many processes, either patch
>> inetd do support counting and limiting the number of active processes per
>> socket, or use something like tcpserver which already has this code
>> built-in, or change the process in question to be its own daemon and
>> implement counting and limiting yourself. The first option actually is the
>> most difficult, assuming nobody has done this yet.

>The first option might be the easiest, it's already implemented. :) man
>inetd for details, the idea is to add a .max parameter to wait/nowait in
>the inetd.conf line which will tell inetd how many such processes it is
>allowed to spawn within onne minute. The default is 40 I think..

That won't help you if each process runs forever...

If each process were to run for 13 minutes before exiting and someone
is attempting a DOS attack by repeated connections then 40 connections per
minute will limit your system to 520 processes (2.1 defaults to 512 entries
in the process table).

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