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SubjectKernel messages
`dmesg' gives me this just after I boot my machine (under 2.1.46):

lo UP fl=0000004b pa=0100007F/000000FF brd=FFFFFF7F dst=00000000
lo changes brd FFFFFF7F -> FFFFFF7F
sl0 UP fl=000010c1 pa=EFDC989E/0000FFFF brd=FFFF989E dst=00000000
SIFFL sl0(ifconfig)
sl0(ifconfig) changes state fl=000010d1 pa=EFDC989E/0000FFFF brd=FFFF989E
sl0 changes netmask FFFFFFFF -> 00FFFFFF
SIFMTU sl0(ifconfig)
route forgot to specify route netmask.
sit device up: sit0
sysctl: IPv6 forwarding enabled
dev lo
dev sit0
Warning: bad magic number for tty struct (05:40) in release_dev
rs_close: bad serial port count; tty->count is 1, state->count is 2

The majority of this seems to be debugging verbiage from the network code that
has been there for a long time. Is this still useful information, or is it
just there still because nobody has bothered to take it out?

The last two lines are a bit more worrying, though. Is this a real problem?


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