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SubjectRe: 2.0.30 serial.c, ppp.c and pppd-2.2 questions

On 22-Jul-97 Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
>Rob, what else do you have on your system? Although I haven't done the
>test in a while, the serial driver was originally written to be able to
>support 115kbaud on a 386/40. (Granted this was a kermit transfers, not
>PPP; but it was a looped back 115kbaud transfer where the transmitting
>and receiving ports were on the same CPU, doubling the work.)
>The fact that your 486/66 isn't keeping up makes me wonder what other
>sources of interrupts you are having on your system.

I have a caching IDE controller (UltraStor) running 'hdparm -u 1',
an NE2000 clone NIC, a MS busmouse, and 3 other serial ports (of
which only one is occasionally in use at 38400bps). The buffer
overruns occur when transfering across the net via a masqueraded
connection or NFS, or when writing directly to the local HD.

None of the devices seem to generate an extrordinary number of
interrupts (guaged by viewing /proc/interrupts).


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