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SubjectRe: Kernel cpu selection
Andrej Presern wrote:
>Aaron Tiensivu wrote:
>> > What processor do you set in make config for a kernel build with a
>> > K6? Is there any reason you can't set it for Pentium? I remember having
>Now that this has been brought up, it makes me wonder about cyrix 6x86
>kernel compilation cpu settings. Does anyone know if it's ok to use
>'pentium' or is it better to use something else?

I have been wondering about this... I got a 6x86 200+ and
not sure how to label it, I have been compiling as "386" since
that seemed the most compatible level. Now, even with the
Cyrix patch, it asks me for [3456]86 before it asks about
the Cyrix stuff..

Perhaps there should be a note in the about
Cyrix/AMD w.r.t. the CPU selection?
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