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SubjectRe: I2O specs available! (was: GGI People Read This (fwd))
On Sun, 20 Jul 1997, Russell Coker - mailing lists account wrote:

> >> The file name is ver1-5.pdf or if you like, simply use this URL
> >> from you web browser.
> >I guess it wasn't supposed to be there or something. They must have closed
> >up ftp pretty quick, because I tried ftp and it didn't work any more.
> >Anyone got a copy of the spec they can send?
> I've got it, it's 1968945 bytes long.

While I was getting it, the server was just a wee bit slow. I suspect that
a *few* people visited that site. I'd be very interested to hear from their
sysadmin concerning network load. I doubt the inference that the release
was unsanctioned. If so, lots of folks'll just have to report for brainwipe.


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