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    SubjectLinux Kernel Bug-list Website
    I have all of the preliminary stuff done, but I would like to have some
    questions about bug fixes:
    1. After a bug has been fixed and published on the site, Where does it
    go then?
    2. Who will notify me if the bug-fix is official enough to take the bug
    report off the site?
    3. Bug-fixes will stay on the site for apron. 7 days, is this long
    enough? or can it be shorter?
    4. Should the fixes be kept on the site?
    5. Should the fixes be published somewhere else as well?

    I would like to know the answers ASAP so the site can go up, ASAP.
    Also if anyone thinks of any other questions I should be asking, please
    inform me, and ANSWER them if possible
    Segment Fault (Windows Dumped)


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