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    SubjectRe: Bug#10954: Kernel panic: skpush:under (fwd) wrote:
    > Phil Karn <> writes:
    > >This morning my machine panicked with the following on the console:
    > >
    > >Kernel panic: skpush:under: 0014140c:84772916
    > >In swapper task - not syncing
    > >
    > >According to my symbol table and my reading of the source code, this
    > >came from a call to skb_push() from within packet_rcv(). packet_rcv
    > >is at 001413c8 and packet_sendmsg is at 00141484.
    > This indicates that either some device driver blew it when
    > setting up the ethernet headers on an incoming packet.
    > >The machine has two Ethernet interfaces, a 3C590 and a NE2000.
    > >It's used as an IP router with a fairly complex configuration; both
    > >IP masquerading and IP-in-IP tunneling are used. At the time of
    > >the crash I had tcpdump running on the NE2000 interface.
    > Can you give me a bit more information about this setup?
    > My first guess is that the tunneling code is the culprit,
    > but it's a bit late for me to go digging yet tonight.

    I've seen this happen quite a bit after a fragmented packet is
    re-assembled and put through the de-tunneler and then passed back
    down to be 're-received'. This is especially the case when bridging
    was in the mix too. I sent a patch to Alan to fix this with the
    bridging for 2.0 a couple of months ago.
    - It looks like a similar problem here.


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