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SubjectRe: 2.0.31 : please! (Jakub Jelinek) writes:

>I think it is time to put 2.0.x under something like LMP...
>It is already one year from 2.0 release and if we put too much effort in
>2.0, we won't have time for new and nifty features in 2.1 and 2.2 won't be
>out soon...

Sorry to bother you, but I don't care for "new and nifty features". I'd like
to see a stable, reliable and working system which is the base of my
day-to-day work and the base of my income. Remember not _everyone_ in
Linuxland is a bleeding-edge kernel developer. In this sense, the, maybe not
so shiny, not so glamourous work of people like David S. Miller, Eric Schenk
or Alan Cox is, at least to me, much more important as the lastest, greatest
new features on 2.1.x. I need a stable, running base of 2.0.x machines which
support my business. I'm trying to compete with WinNT and other billoids, and
stability is currently 99% of my marketing. Not "new and nifty features".

In this sense, I'd like to see a spin-off mailing-list, maybe
"linux-kernel-maintainers" for the things around the stable linux kernel
releases. And I'm very happy with the "one new stable kernel in six months"
approach by David S. Miller.

Kind regards

Dipl.-Inf. Henning Schmiedehausen ObDisc: Ich spreche weder fuer ICONSULT noch fuer sonst jemanden. Ich arbeite da nicht mal.

"We're geeks. We seek. Get used to it" - Helen, Sweetheart of the Internet

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