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    SubjectRe: 2.0.31 : please!
       Date: 	17 Jul 1997 16:59:28 +0200
    From: Frohwalt Egerer <>

    A long time ago there was a similar problem, at that time the solution
    was splitting the kernel into development and stable version. Maybe it
    is time to reconsider the way stable kernels are updated.

    Just remember that we've been around this block before. In the 1.2
    days, the people who liked the stable kernels were happy. The people
    who wanted the latest drivers, the latest enhancements, etc. for their
    "production" servers, were screaming and yelling at us because 1.2
    didn't have their favorite feature.

    In 2.0, there was an attempt to try to move some of the more critical
    features back from 2.1 into to 2.0 --- for example, the SYN flooding
    defenses, since it was claimed that productions Linux servers absolutely
    needed this production.

    Then people complained that this destablized the kernel. In response,
    developers were slow to get 2.0.31 out, until it had received the proper

    Now people are complaining that 2.0.31 is taking so long....

    Given this kind of abuse, is it any wonder that people like David might
    decide that it's simply not worth his time and effort? People are
    screaming at you no matter what you do, and very few people are showing
    their appreciation. It's a no-win situation.....

    I don't know the solution. Maybe new stable kernel revisions should be
    dubbed 'beta' versions, the 'beta' being removed when the kernel
    proves to be stable in public usage for a few weeks. Maybe never
    releasing a new version without a plethora of pre-patches is it. Or
    even re-releasing 2.0.29 as 2.0.31 and 2.0.30-pre2 as 2.0.32-pre, thus
    removing 2.0.30 from the 'market' solves the problem for now.

    You're assuming that people will use the the beta versions. (Instead of
    being spoiled brats who don't do anything and just complain, complain,
    commplain.....) We already have the 2.0.30-pre2 release; if people
    don't test it with the name 2.0.30-pre2, will changing the name help?

    - Ted

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