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SubjectRe: Take a deep breath...
Mike Kilburn writes ...
> "Theodore Y. Ts'o" <tytso@MIT.EDU> wrote:
> >
> > However, there's a flip side to this --- a distressing trend that I've
> > been seeing --- which is that more and more programmers seem to be
> > helpless without documentation. While it is a not a skill which most
> Another one is they cant fix code without the latest and
> greatest debugger/ICE/logic analyzer. If you cant
> figure out uncommented code and fix bugs without a logic analyzer/debugger
> then I dont want you on my team and you wont get hired by me.
> However, these tools should be provided whenever possible to
> increase productivity. Strange thing is it seems hardware guys
> and scientist and self-taught people dont have a problem with this
> when they turn into programmers, at least thats been my experience.
> I think their is a problem with universities computer science
> training for sure.

This may not be entirely fair. Scientists and self-taught people have
more experience with badly written and completely undocumented code, so
it isn't suprising they are better at coping with it :-)

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