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SubjectLinux Big Red FireTrucks (was: 2.0.31 : please!)
David S. Miller wrote:
> I think someone else should work on furthering the eventual 2.0.31
> release. I don't have the stomache for it anymore. Any volunteers?

David, you might have stomach problems reading some e-mail from
people who haven't yet understood that Linux is so great thanks
to the skill of people like you -- but thanks to their attitude
as well ! -- while most of the rest of the world [me first] would
get terrible headaches from *trying* to read kernel code.

> Does anyone have any clue what makes any of us hack on this thing at
> all? It's pretty simple, whats fun, interesting, and enjoyable to
> work on, that is what we're going to hack on. Straight forward. I
> happened to enjoy making a system solid, but not nearly as much as I
> enjoy designing and implementing the latest and greatest.

Luckily, most faithful list readers do. Last week I was working in
a bank and in the spare time left while configuring a DeepBlue
little brother for Oracle Parallel Server I helped one of the
local sysadmins (who will read this :) to repartition an old IBM
PS/2 with MCA support by compiling an image from a working Linux
kernel. Hey, it was a 2.1.42 kernel, it was fun ! And they are
running several machines with 2.0.29 and 2.0.30 as well...

> I refuse to work on something in my spare time for people who berate
> me and my fellow developers.

The rest of the people on the list, most of which won't anyway
be able to properly rate you and fellow hackers [only one who
really understands what you're doing can rate you all], hope
you keep hacking. Quoting you in person,

=> In fact I hope that Linus continues to hold the opinion he does on
=> this matter forever, he has the big red firetruck, he can decide how
=> he drives it, and this is just fine with me.

we can say we hope you keep driving the big red UltraFireTruck,
"and this is just fine with us".


--alessandro <> <>

Linux kernel-2.1.42 libc-5.4.23 gcc- binutils-

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