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SubjectRe: 2.0.31 : please! writes:
> On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Daniel G. Link wrote:
> > The way some people handled the opinions of others is more reminiscent of
> > some political party than a free exchange of thoughts.
> Are you trying to start a flame war? Please take it off this list.

No, he's not trying to start a flame war. He has just posted the most
reasonable point of view so far in this long thread.

> > IMHO, is just as justified to call someone a whiner who threatens to stop
> > doing something for a community because some people are criticising some
> > aspect of it.
> Have you ever coded?


The keyword here is _community_ It is also formed (surprise!) by Linux users
and enthusiasts. Would Linux be what it is today without them? Even if they
can't hack the kernel, they help the community in other ways. They provide
the critical mass (no pun intended).

> > What good is free software if you aren't supposed to criticise it because
> > it's free?
> Who was critizing free software? Hm?

It's the whole point of this thread. If you don't "pay" for the software, are
you allowed to express your ideas about it? There's something more important
than money going along with Linux.

> > Two critical voices (who are not even criticising you personally), and you
> > are going to stop what you are doing? If you see any sense in it, you
> > should be able to handle that.
> Again, you havent worked with volunteers and tried to coordinate them,
> have you.

I have spent huge amounts of my spare time to build a Linux net so that the
other students could have access to a decent OS and the Internet (of course I
was having lots of fun learning TCP/IP, too). I didn't get any thanks from
anyone, but instead spent some bad time in the hands of bureaucrats (was worse
than critics ;-). But the net is now a fact and the majority of the students
appreciate it.

> This thing is the baby of those who do the work, and if you come across
> complaining, you're just going to kill them.

I like to think it's the baby of all of us; and that a very small number of
people (not representative, btw) was worried, not complaining.

Kill them?

Let's say someone at a big software house decides that Linux should be
stopped. Is it going to be _this_ easy? Just two posts to linux-kernel???

> > Sorry, but I think that's a pathetic reaction. It's as if the president of
> > a country resigns because there are some 5% of the population who don't
> > like his policy.
> Is the president president as a hobby? Or rather does he get paid a
> livable wage to be able to do his job appropriately?

Do you honestly think the _wage_ is the motivation for becoming prez?

Shouldn't we stop this thread now? Everyone agrees that David does a great job
and is an important person in the Linux (and now outside it too -- SGI?)
scene. We don't need to vote to know. Let's take it back from last week, when
David said he would devote this week to pre-2.0.31-3?



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