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SubjectPATCH to pre-patch-2.1.45: clean_inode needs to reset i_writecount

I've found a reproducible situation where an inode passed to
"clean_inode" has its "i_writecount" set to -1. As a result, the file
that's unfortunate enough to get the new inode gives ETXTBSY for any
subsequent open.

As I say, I can reproduce the situation. (The Debian boot sequence
triggers it.) However, I haven't been able to narrow down exactly
which "i_writecount--" doesn't have a matching "i_writecount++".

If you think its important that "i_writecount" be 0 when an inode is
freed, then I can spend some time tracking down the culprit. If not,
the enclosed, obvious patch against pre-patch-2.1.45 fixes the
problem. (It also gets rid of a spurious bit of fluff in "dcache.c".)

Kevin <>
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