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7 Jun 1997

[New] process owner migrationJon Lewis
[New] Re: 2.1.42(david parsons)
Re: support of Universal Disc Format (UDF)?Harald Koenig
Re: Interrupt latency on 2.0.3xHarald Koenig
[New] pre2.0.31-2: keyboard repeat rateHein Roehrig
[New] Softcursor patch for vgaPavel Machek
Re: Ext2fs and hashed table.(Stephen C. Tweedie)
Re: pre2.0.31-2: keyboard repeat rateBryn Paul Arnold Jones
[New] Transparent proxy support broken in 2.0.31-2Christoph Lameter
[New] STDERR output from 31-pre2 compileTomas
Re: Problems with pre-3.0.31-2Tore Olsen
[New] awe32 synth patchAndrea Arcangeli
Re: STDERR output from 31-pre2 compile"Leonard N. Zubkoff"
Re: 2.1.42"Richard B. Johnson"
Re: "obsolete" hardware"Richard B. Johnson"
Re: support for '386s be disabled (was: 2.1.42)"Richard B. Johnson"
Re: support for '386s be disabled (was: 2.1.42)(Alan Cox)
Re: "obsolete" hardware(Alan Cox)
Re: Non-executable stack patchMartin Mares
[New] patch for filemap.c memory leaksBill Hawes
[New] Problems with 2.1.42(Alan Cox)
[New] Segmentation fault [./scripts/mkdep & ./drivers/sound/configure s ..."RyliX [IC]"
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