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    SubjectRe: pre2.0.31-2

    On 6 Jun 1997, Jes Degn Soerensen wrote:

    > But! Yeah here it comes, I do think it would be a good idea to add an
    > extra parameter to vremap() which specifies the cache-mode that is
    > supposed to be used for the mapping. We do need this for the m68k and
    > so we currently use our own kernel_map() rather than vremap(), and I
    > think some other architectures might need it as well.

    Agree. Furthermore broken PPro Bioses who forget to set up correctly MTRR
    do exist. I had the proof last night after a few mail exchanges with
    Patrick St. Jean <>. He had to switch to v2.1 and use

    Pentia are much more reliable in this respect since cache disabling is
    done by chipset hardware as a function of the physical address.

    > I would like to have a function with the same name for all archs so
    > one wont have to dig half way through the kernel to figure out what is
    > going on in some other driver when you want to clone it. Architectures
    > which do not need this can just ignore the extra parameter, but maybe
    > this really indicates that vremap() is really an architecture specific
    > thing and should be moved to arch/foo/mm/?

    Same function for all architectures with one additional parameter is best
    IMO. Mapping devices in kernel space is a quite generic need and should
    not be architecture specific. Anyway the architecture dependance can
    be hidden in #include <linux/mm.h> to try to avoid #ifdef's in drivers.

    > Jes
    > PS: Besides vremap() is really one of those functions where you cannot
    > figure out from its name what it is actually doing, so maybe a
    > renaming was a good idea as well.

    Done in V2.1, it's called ioremap and has the additional ioremap_nocache
    version to explicitly disable caching.


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