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SubjectRe: procps-1.01 fix announcement [OFFTOPIC]
Florian La Roche writes:
> There is a procps 1.12.2 or newer in the current debian. I think those
> things are also fixed in that version.
> I would also recommend to add this to the software-list that should be
> updated for the current kernel.
>* or

More problems:

1) ./Makefile needs -I/usr/include/ncurses

2) ./Makefile tries to set owner and group when installing

3) psmisc/Makefile tries to set owner and group when installing

4) psmisc/Makefile tries to set owner, group and mode on /usr/bin !
This is getting really arrogant! Those are my directories, not
yours. It's really painful searching through and editing the
Makefiles to fix all this.

5) proc/sysinfo.h should include "../proc/libc6-protect.h" not



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