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    SubjectLinux on 6200T (ProStar / AJP / Kapok ) MMX boot problem !!
    I found some one in the UK who has also AJP 6200T (Pentium 200MHz with

    >From: Mike Coombs[]
    >My machine says:
    > System Processer: 200 MHx Intel Pentium P55C __with__ __MMX__
    >I don't have access to the other m/c (the one which does boot Linux)
    >at present, but I know that it does not say "with MMX"
    >> What version of Red Hat Linux boots successfully (important on 6200T) ?
    >The version of Red Hat that boots is the one from a recent edition of
    >PCW. We have that bootable Linux on a spare 6200T hard drive and it
    >works in the other m/c but not this one.

    Thast would be Red Hat Linux 4.1 if you didn't know it.
    PCW == Personal Computer World , a british computer magazine.

    >> ...not be Red Hat Linux 4.2 would it ?
    >Yes, I downloaded the floppy disk boot images only, and they failed
    >on this m/c in exactly the same way, but booted OK on the non-MMX m/c.
    >Mike Coombs

    so it appears to be a problem with MMX machines. I am assuming this
    machine is
    the AJP 6200 with a __non__ MMX 200 Mhz pentium processer.

    Does any one know why a pentium with MHz with fail to a linux boot image
    such as `boot.img' in the RH Linux. Note this problem also happens with
    Slackware, and Drop In Linux from my Infomagic LDR Dec 1996 CD ROM.

    I would be interested if other (U.S.) users with the Prostar 6200 series
    have similar
    boot problems.

    See `'

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