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SubjectRe: possible ext2 bug
   Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 10:02:52 -0400
From: David Feuer <>

I was compiling glibc-2.0.4, but the make failed, leaving behind some
rather mysterious files that could not be deleted. An ls in one of the
directories in the source tree turned up some files of type "?", some
that were supposedly block devices, and maybe some others, but I don't
remember. They could not be deleted even by root. Attempting to delete
them led to an error message something like:
EXT2 <something> error: <Such and such> already cleared.
Running e2fsck seemed to clear up the problem, but I thought I should
let you know about it. Please respond to (don't
use auto-reply). Thank you.

You haen't specified anything about which version of the Kernel you are
using, what kind of hardware you have, what kind of disk drive this
happened on, etc.

In nine of out of ten cases that I've seen reported, the problem has
been hardware related, but you haven't given us enough information to
really even judge what might have cuased the problem.

- Ted

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