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SubjectSCSI disks

I hate to continue to beat this subject into the ground, but exactly what are
SCSI hard drives considered to the superior to IDE? According to the fellow
who wrote "Upgrading and Repairing PCs" (who, as a PC technician, I don't
wholly trust), SCSI hard disks a mostly IDE disks with an additional SCSI
interface, (ie, the head-disk-assembly is the same, and most of the control
electronics.) Does SCSI provide additional commands which permit finer
tuning and/or error prevention/correction than IDE?

It seems to be generally considered that SCSI is superior to IDE, but from
this guy's writing (excepting for multiple devices on the SCSI bus or really
fast HDs) SCSI provides no benefit. Pls. someone cursorily clarify.

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