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SubjectRe: ide.c question!
> > On the other hand, my cheapo IDE cd-rom doesn't always probe successfully
> > on boot. It would be nice to have such a feature anyway.
> >
> I'm also having problems with IDE CD-ROM drive. But it looks more like a
> kernel problem, not that drive is so cheap. :)
> When I poweron machine, everythingis OK, kernel recognizes CD-ROM:
> hdc: GCD-R580B, ATAPI CDROM drive
> If I now reboot Linux, CD won't be recognized again. Looks like Linux
> leaves it in some strange state. Error message is:
> hdc: no response (status = 0xd1)
The system has to have been on for a little while (i.e. the drive has
to go to sleep) before this will happen to me. However, "a little while"
isn't long at all, and when I reboot to DOS, even BTC's provided DOS
drivers can't get more out of the drive than that it exists (the BIOS
autoprobe guesses it's a Mode 0 device and takes ages to do it...then
again, it takes ages to autoprobe for stuff I told the BIOS isn't there!).
I think I've also seen (status = 0x80) instead of 0xd1 here.

Additionally, sometimes I've seen a linux kernel think there's a device
slaved to the CD-ROM (false) that it can't even guess what it might be,
and correctly assumes that it was a glitch. I can't reproduce that
right now, which leads me to believe either it's the other machine's
chipset (I upgraded the motherboard recently) or a bug that has been


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