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Subjectanother pre-2.0.31 problem
In article <5msanc$> you wrote:
: > I wonder why the "stable" version of the kernel (2.0) has had almost as
: > many patches as the "devel" (2.1) version, and it's still full of problems?
: Full of ?
: Have you got some we missed
perhaps i got one ...

: 2.0.pre31 + patches should be pretty much solid for everyone except for that
: one memory allocation issue. Are you seeing otherwise ?
aehm, i got a "nice" networking problem.
i have two local ethernets (split for security) and
dial up to my ISP via ISDN (HDLC, snycPPP).
both networks and the isdn are connected to a
masqerading router/firewall.
386-dx-40, 8mb ram, 2x cheap-o-ne2000, 1x teles 16.3;

everything works fine localy, and even the isdn pretends to work most times.
i can irc around, use the WWW, use ftp, play quake ...
all from a masqed host. but when i try to send more than
a hand full of data (ftp-put-command, dcc-send, news-suck
trying to post a BIG article, ...) the router panics away.
> Kernel panic: skpush:under: <somewhere>:2
> In swapper task - not syncing
btw, this is 100% repro at least since
kernel 2.0.27 ! ... (took some time to
hunt the bug down ...)

small ftp-puts are ok (5k or so is the limit).
the panic-adress resolves to somewhere in the
isdn_ppp_xmit-routine, and i discussed the prob
with Karsten Keil (Master-of-HiSax) and
Michael Hipp (Master-of-ipppd) but no solution so far.
michael said that someone (in a higher net-layer)
migth be messing around with the SKBs ...

/me tends to accuse masq.
i can ftp-put my kernel-image (standard-test)
from the router, but not from a masqed host.

uh, and i discovered another "effect" some days ago.
i tried to get the latest unoff-kernel-patches from
using "lynx" the router paniced.
using netscape, it worked.
again, this is 100% repro !

i tried virtually everything with kernels from 2.0.27 to pre-2.0.31.
compiled (and tested) dozens of kernels in the last few weeks ...

i dont include megs-o-log and megs-o-config here.
karsten and michael already got lots-o-info and did not
find a solution for now. if anyone of you gurus is
interested in the prob, i can mail some more infos directly. :)

any ideas ?


Hauke Johannknecht
-> Hamburg / Germany <- -
--> pgp-key via public-key-server and on request <--> use pgp ! <--

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