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SubjectRe: arp called for own IP address and 2.0.30
> There is some further growth in most every object file in the ip layer,
> with the exception of masquerading, which has not been updated in
> the 2.1 series, but has seen updates recently in the 2.0.30 kernel.
> (Which means the growth is a little worse than it looks by just
> comparing the size of the object files.)

Much of the growth I think is the new copy_*_user stuff.

> I'm not sure what we can do to slim down the routing code, if anything,
> but Alexy is the person to be talking about that.

The best suggestion I've seen so far is the ability to compile for either
a full router or a simple router.

> The persistent small growth in the remaining files should be examined to
> see where it comes from.


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