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    SubjectRe: Repeat the Ending
    On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Mikko J Rauhala wrote:

    > > > Better scroll back in the kernel would be useful for scrolling back to see
    > > > bootup messages...which screen can't help with. It would also be nice to
    > > > be able to have scrollback without VGA, i.e. in servers with hercules
    > > > clone mono cards.
    > > To get the bootup messages: dmesg
    > I see you haven't had a lot of kernel debug messages coming your way...

    Take an SMP kernel, compile in drivers for a few devices...a SCSI card or
    two, ethernet, a selection of SCSI devices, etc., especially things like
    the Buslogic driver (16 or so lines of bootup info!), and the kernel
    message buffer runs out of space real quick.

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