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SubjectRe: pre-patch-2.0.31 try_to_free_page() messages
On Jun 1, 11:44am, Peter Nilsson wrote:

> Yesterday I patched my 2.0.30 with pre-patch-2.0.31 (to get my new 3COM
> 900 working). Twice since then I have got "try_to_free_page: ... sleep
> instead of fail" messages. It happened when I ran fsck and another time
> when I did "find -name \*.c|xargs grep "try_to_free"" to locate the
> message in the kernel source.

I wonder why the "stable" version of the kernel (2.0) has had almost as
many patches as the "devel" (2.1) version, and it's still full of problems?


Michael Nelson
San Francisco, CA

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture" - Frank Zappa

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