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SubjectRe: Kernel Panic: aic7xxx_free
On Wed, 28 May 1997, Doug Ledford wrote:

> > > Couldn't Get A Free Page .....
> > > Kernel Panic: aic7xxx_free (aic7xxx_free) Couldn't find a free SCB.
> >
> > I experienced the same problem wit 2.0.30.
> > 2.0.30 brings a lot more i/o performance than version < 2.0.30
> > AFAIK due to enhancements I've seen in the buffer management.
> The enhancement in the buffer management that you speak of has been
> resulting in a *lot* more "Couldn't get a free page..." errors than it used
> to. When these happen at the wrong get what we have
> here. In this case, all of the currently allocated SCBs in the aic7xxx
> driver were in use, the mid level SCSI code queued out another command,
> aic7xxx_queue() attempted to allocate another SCB to handle the request, the
> allocation failed with a couldn't get a free SCB message, and the driver
> paniced. It currently doesn't know what to do if it can't get memory for an

The simple solution here is to increase the numbers in
/proc/sys/vm/freepages, such that your "couldn't get a free page" messages
stop happening. Just echo 3 bigger numbers into that file. Depending on
how much RAM you have available, and how busy the system is, you might
want to reserve a few MB of atomic allocations, just to be safe.

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