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    SubjectRe: pre-2.0.31 swap usage screwed

    On Wed, 28 May 1997, Jon Lewis wrote:

    > What's wrong with this picture?:
    > yoda:~# free
    > total used free shared buffers cached
    > Mem: 127896 121840 6056 56956 6272 27984
    > -/+ buffers: 87584 40312
    > Swap: 165880 2097151 165884
    > It looks like swap used has somehow gone negative by 4096 bytes, and free
    > from proc-ps 1.01 is printf'ing the unsigned ints as signed ints.

    Ooooh. We saw something like this, specifically when doing a "swapoff -a".
    As >25Mb were swapped out, the command took a while to complete. From the
    time the command was issued, until swap did indeed die, we had 0kb total,
    0kb free, and almost exactly 2Gb used(!).

    Apart from that, pre-2.0.31 + 5 fixes + seriously hacked and finally
    stable 3x59x driver, is running like a treat under at times pretty hefty

    Note that the sockets stuck in "CLOSE" I reported, are NOT a problem, and
    were related to a memory leak in an ethercard driver I hadn't patched with
    a "dev_kfree_skb".


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