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SubjectRe: New UseNet Gateway under construction
The most spam I got was from people scanning my webpages with some sort of
gizmo. And they even got on to some mailing list I moderate through this
technique which made it even more problematic. Have no idea how to protect
against that without making my webpages more difficult for users.

>There is a huge difference, a spammer can more easily acquire tons of
>addresses anonymously without having to go through subscribing to
>various mailing lists, they just need a news feed. Essentially Usenet
>does their work for them, this is why I hate it so much.
>A spammer needs to go through some external amount of effort to grab
>things off of a mailing list archive site (be it web based or
>whatever), but with usenet it requires no effort, they just get it,
>and since this is the easiest mechanism it is the one they are most
>likely to use.

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