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    Subject2.1.40 lockup


    Just want (? :-) to report a solid lockup of 2.1.40 SMP. I was reading
    news without problems, but then decided to start netscape while waiting
    for the next group to be threaded. Soon after netscape started
    downloading my "start page" everything locked up solid.

    Next to nothing in the log files, apart from:

    May 27 23:01:28 jebril kernel: Unknown interrupt

    which may nog even be related to the actual crash.

    System spec:

    Tyan Tomcat II, 2 * P166, AHA 2940AU (using the stock driver, not one
    of the experimental ones), SB32 (but not currently in use), ...

    simple dial-up PPP connection (ppp and slhc loaded as a module)

    Linux 2.1.40, latest of everything w.r.t. software.

    M. Eyckmans (MCE) Code of the Geeks v3.1
    GCS d+ s++:-- a31 C+++$ UHLUASO+++$ P+ L+++ E--- W++ N+++ !o K w--- !O M--
    V-- PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP- t--- !5 !X R-- tv- b+ DI++ D-- G++ e+++ h+(*) !r y?

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