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SubjectRe: config procfs patch
I'm so sick of hearing bloat, bloat, bloat. Have it as an option. If you don't
want it compiled in, say no. I've seen some fairly interesting ideas
shot down because everyone screams bloat. I'm a little bit sick of
it. I usually just read the kernel mailing list and have been reading
for over 2 or 3 years. I started with a 386/SX20
w/co-processor and only 5 megs of memory. I can still use it today,
except I'm to use to my Cyrix 586/100 and the Pentium-Pro 150 at work
for speed so I rarely use the 386. The only bloat you are talking
about is downloading the source. I pull things down through a 14.4
modem all the time. (Including distributions) Everyone screams when
someone mentions adding graphics support into the kernel. Oh.. more
bloat, well fine don't compile in graphics support. Use the serial
terminal interface, use the Textmode interface. I'm not talking about
adding drivers for every card to the kernel but adding an generic
interface so user land drivers can be written more easily. That's why
I hope GGI goes somewhere.

But back to this little patch, I think it would be useful for
debugging purposes. I have over 20 different kernel images that I can
boot to. Some of them are a bit old and I really no longer any idea
what all I had configured into them. This little patch would let me
know when I booted into them what all I really had configured into

Well I'll go back to lurker for another year now.

Aaron Wrasman

In your message you said:
>Followup to: <199705230747.AAA00218@redshirt.tholian.web>
>By author: Tom May <>
>In newsgroup:
>> > The attached patch adds
>> > a build option for incorporating the settings in .config
>> > into the kernel as a file in /proc.
>> This is the third time I've seen a patch to do this go by, they've all
>> gotten shot down, but I can never remember why . . . I guess I'll find
>> out all over again.
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