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    Subjectdynamic VT code
    I had this thought while browsing through the 2.1.31 patches.. I know
    it's not new and there are userspace programs around that perform similar
    functions, but anyway it'd be nice to have the virtual terminals auto-
    matically spawn a getty/login process if one doesn't exist on it when
    switched to. (Yes, I'm lazy and don't want 64 getty processes hanging
    around doing nothing apart from taking up space in /etc/inittab and the
    process table)
    Again, I recall a program called dynamic-vc or something similar which
    I found a year or two ago on sunsite.. does that even work with the
    new kernels? It included a small kernel patch and a daemon that would
    respond to kernel requests of a vt switch - I think it'd be fairly
    trivial to just stick the whole thing into the vt code.
    Now, on my system at least, pressing Alt-RightArrow will cycle to the next
    vt - should this spawn a new session (which would then involve "reaping"
    idle login processes on these ttys) or should it just cycle through the
    currently _active_ vt's?
    Is this function even wanted in the kernel, or would it be better left to
    a userspace program?

    -- Matt

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