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SubjectRe: Solaris source
> >     * Leading UNIX technology source code available at no cost -provided-=20
> > another product is on the same purchase order =20

Umm. I didnt know Linux came free with it

> > * Competes with Linux strategy

Yeah right. Spot the free license, and the lack of NDA folks. I think they
missed the boat (actually they are in the wrong ocean)

> > Q. Does this mean that my changes might be used in a future release of
> > Solaris?
> >
> > A. Yes, at Sun's own discretion.

And gee they get to sell your fixes for you.

Still judging by the extant 2.5.1 socket bug this is the only chance people
have of getting Solaris stable.

> > Q. Where do I get a copy of the source code license agreement?
> > A. Your geo legal counsel.

It takes a legal counsel to show you their NDA ;)


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