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    SubjectRe: Problems with too much memory (?)
    Followup to:  <>
    By author: Pavel Machek <>
    In newsgroup:
    > This still may be hw problem, but aybe it is not.
    > My machine is 486DX2/80, 128kb level 2 cache (stolen from one 386 :-),
    > 20MB ram (16M+4M). It compiles kernel about 32 minutes.
    > When I removed 4MB SIMM, compilation time went down to 22 minutes. I
    > thought that it is hardware problem, but I wanted to investigate it more.
    > So I put memory back and limited memory to 16M (mem=16M). Compile time
    > stayed at about 22 minutes.
    > So I suspect linux tfor having problems with too much memory.

    Odds are 100:1 that your motherboard only caches 16MB unless you add
    either additional cache or tag RAM.

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