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SubjectCompiling lilo under 2.1.35
Yesterday evening recompiled 2.1.35 and unfortunately it became too
big for zImage. After makeing bzImage I found out that my lilo is
outdated (version 0.16). So I downloaded the latest version (19) and
tried to compile it. Unfortunateley it bombed on a couple of
*_VGA #defines in lilo.c. (I'm not at home at this moment so I can'g give
you a list). I went and looked through the /usr/include tree of 2.1 but
couldn't find the needed #defines. Did anything change since 2.0? Will
I need to compile lilo under 2.0? any idea's are appreciated.

(O) ^ ^ (O)
Marko Siladin | | | VCU, Dept. of Math. Science \ / Division of Computer Science
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