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SubjectRe: [Crypto] Re: vs.
[Dan Bernstein's approach to government regulation stupidity on cryptography
has been to sue the government on first ammendment grounds. For details see In response to a suggestion that this might
be a useful approach for leaving crypto in linux kernel distributions, ]

On Apr 21, wrote
> Lawyers aren't normally free, unlike linux itself.

For a worthy cause, it's possible to find people who will help deal with
that obstacle. Since the current regulations target multinational
corporations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations, it
shouldn't be too hard to find a source of funds and/or lawyers.

> The Apache http server (without SSL!) was declared non-exportable.

No software is safe from these kinds of accusations, but only a small
segment of software will get hit at any one time. We're dealing with
bullies and cowards here.

It's also possible that congress will resolve this situation. There are
three bills currently before congress aimed at roughly this issue. They
are S377 (getting a wee bit more attention than HR695), HR695, and S376
(not getting much attention). None of these bills are particularly hot
in political circles, but there's a bug in someone's ear...


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