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SubjectRe: FireWire Support? {Was: Re: Strange keyboard problem}
Heck, if nobody else has begun to do this I'ld be willing to start
up a team of people to explore this and implement it.

I'm not familiar with FireWire or USB though at this time.

But I do want to "talk" to my house, my wife has already learned to
ignore me :-)

- Jeff

W. Reilly Cooley wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, Jeffrey Wiegley wrote:
> >when can I hook up my refrigerator to linux and get it to deliver me a
> >cold soda on demand? I don't think an interrupt would be neccessary, I
> >think polling the refrigerator would be sufficient :-) Would that make
> >it a block device or a character device? (or maybe an ice block device
> >or a cola device)
> Just wait for USB and FireWire support, then you'll be able, well, almost,
> to do this. How about a computer-telephony app that calls the pizza place
> with a pre-recorded message to order pizza and beer, so you don't have to
> take your headphones off to dial?
> Speaking of FireWire, has anyone begun to develop drivers for it?
> Wil
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