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    SubjectRe: Sys V TLI for Linux?
    On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, W. Reilly Cooley wrote:

    > Does anyone know of an implementation of Sys V TLI for Linux? If not, anyone
    > want to get crackin'? Informix is considering porting some of their DBMS
    > software to Linux, and requires this for an easy port. It would move Linux
    > in closer competetion with commercial Unices to have such significant
    > software as a database from one of the top three DB companies.

    You could just pull the TLI/XTI over sockets emulation from iBCS and
    make it a separate module. It's not a real STREAMS based TLI but
    does most of what is needed - although anything that expects to be
    able to push arbitrary STREAMS modules on to a transport end point
    is in trouble. It would make more sense for Informix to use a user
    space TLI over sockets library or to write a sockets version of
    their net code. Although I seem to remember that they have their
    own STREAMS module to link in to the host kernel (which is a
    bugger for portability). If they _really_ need a full STREAMS
    stack they had better join the LiS project sharpish because their
    no-STREAMS competitors will have a good head start :-).


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