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SubjectRe: Various errors including TCP bug...
On Fri, 18 Apr 1997, Randy Jay Yarger wrote:

> Howdy, my system is a a PPro 200 with 64MB of RAM and Adaptec SCSI card
> (full boot messages below). I've been having odd problems with the system
> for a couple of months now, leading up to a complete hard disk curruption
> last week (which I would have avoided if I had the newest e2fsck. Get it!)
> Any way, the weirdness hasn't stopped, and I want to catch it before my
> new root disk gets zapped (and I'm just plain tired of going to reboot it
> several times a day).
> >From looking at newsgroups, FAQs, etc it seems that RAM may be a problem
> and/or my Adaptec SCSI card, or maybe something else that I'm missing
> completely. I ran the chipmunk ram test on 16MB of my RAM the other day,
> but since the machine is a high volume Web and e-mail server I wasn't able
> to shut it down to test all of the RAM.


I use to have RAM corruption problem gone unoticed by memtest86-1.2,
and it was right after adding two 16MB SIMM modules. (32->64). Be aware of
not mixing SIMM's of different brend/fab date, just this simple fact can
cause big problems on lousy (read PC-AT design) non-ECC hardware. If you
put some money with a PPro, better go for ECC.
Also try to slow down timings on your chipset bios setting..

Hope this helps.

Philippe Strauss <>
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