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SubjectRe: procfs problems
On Tue, 15 Apr 1997, Dan Hollis wrote:

> Looking at /proc/pci, it got me to thinking about kernel bloat :-) If we
> were to take all the text out of pci.c and put it in an external program
> (call it "pciconfig" or "lspci") and have /proc/pci just output hex
> numbers, we could save several kilobytes off the size of the kernel. It
> would also probably be easier for programs to parse /proc/pci if they
> needed configuration information.

Let me object on this : most things in /proc must be human-readable
without looking up a manpage. I for one often use this information while
setting up a system, using a boot/root disk. I don't what to add any
software to my root disk which is already packed. I often use /proc/pci
to know the io address of a network card to insmod the driver to do an
nfs install... If the text was to suddenly disappear from /proc/pci, I
don't know how I could use it. Remember, it's when all hell breaks loose
that /proc is the most usefull (and to monitor the system in normal
conditions, agreed). And there are not many Ks of text in that file...
Well, most of it is dynamically produced anyway.

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