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    SubjectRe: Linux on PA/RISC
    I appreciate the clarification, however since I don't really use Apple
    based hardware and since the afformentioned information was provided in a
    keynote speech there may be some sketchy information. However, as
    indicated before I will pass on more specific information and URL's as
    they become available.

    Thanks again for the clarification!

    Sam Williams wb5yni
    OS Software Consultant

    simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication....
    Leonardo Da Vinci

    On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Michael Neuffer wrote:

    > On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, Sam Williams wrote:
    > > decided to take it one step further to ascertain the porting ease of
    > > moving a layered OS from one hardware platform to another. The developers
    > > chose the Linux M68K source that was developed last year by Apple. Well
    > ^^^^
    > Linux/68k wasn't developed by Apple. That port is much older.
    > They ported to MACH on PPC.
    > Mike

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